C .C. Guadalmina II – Of. 12
  29670 San Pedro de Alcántara
  Marbella – Málaga – Spain
  Telf.: +34 952 88 00 64
  EMERGENCY : +34 610 77 79 92


At AR Administraciones we manage properties in a way that is completely personalised and on-the-spot.

Correct management makes it possible to keep and also increase the value of the property. WE´RE WORTHWHILE

We always act in defence of the community´s interest, analysing the situation at all times, advising on the right procedures to follow in each case and periodically monitoring the results. WE´RE EFFICIENT

We give advise and guidelines:

Advising on issues related to the Joint Common Property Act, completely free of charge.

Keeping updated information on municipal regulations and bylaws which directly affect the Community.

Defending the interests of the Community against third parties. Handling debtors immediately to avoid any adverse effect on the Community´s economy.

Acting speedily in case of any accident or incident reported to us.

Checking the action to take after consulting with out team of professionals to find the best solution in each case.

Commissioning the reports necessary for the correct technical functioning of the complex.

Making sure that the various maintenance contracts signed with the community are fulfilled, and also ant type of quote accepted.

Keeping the accounting up to date and sending quaterly statements of account.

Managing collections and payments.

Providing the Community with offers from third parties that could be of benefit at both community level and private level for each owner.

We know time is precious.

Our internal procedures are designed so that all work relating to the Community is done quickly and efficiently, preventing any unjustified delays that might inconvenience owners WE´RE SPEEDY